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The Body Auction - REDEMPTION
  • Follow Layla Matthews as she navigates life AFTER The Body Auction. Her world forever changed, she must now learn to live again -- but this time, with a fresh sense of purpose. As an experienced nurse practitioner, she's used to saving lives with medicine and surgical care. Now, she's saving lives with a whole different arsenal of weapons.

    This heart-pounding sequel will have you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter. It carries a similar thrilling pace, and the same arc of dynamic twists and turns as did Mathis's first book, but this time, readers are also carried on a journey of REDEMPTION.

    The Body Auction - REDEMPTION

    • Format: Paperback
      Book Length: 326 Pages
      Language:  English

      November 13th, 2023

      Publisher: Vertu Publishing (Vertu Marketing, LLC)
      ISBN-13: 979-8987067444
      Dimensions: 6" by 9" by 0.74"
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